Mains d'Œuvres, Saint-Ouen, November 10 - 26, 2017
Exhibition in the frame of AICA International 50th International Congress
Supported by Pro Helvetia, The Swiss Arts Council.

With Robert Filliou, Joël Andrianomearisoa & Ivan Krassoievitch, Alex Ayed & Georgia Dickie, Cécile Bouffard & Matthieu Cossé, Corentin Canesson & Bastien Cosson, Martin Chramosta & Martina-Sofie Wildberger, Charlie Jeffery & Joshua Schwebel, Christopher Kulendran Thomas & Thu-Van Tran.
And Kim Bradford & Joseph Perez, France Besnier & Julien Gasc, Jérémie Gaulin & Bertrand Poncet, HERSHEY / HITO (Catherine Hershey & Yohanna My Nguyen), Joshua Schwebel & the MOMO.

Curated by heiwata


Around Robert Filliou and aligned with Fluxus, the exhibition brings together fourteen international artists in pairs. They update objects, forms, language and knowledge for which use is now neglected. 

Collaborating in symbiosis, coincidentally or formally associated, they combine drawing, sculpture, video, installation, poetry and performance. Sharing a same area for a period of time, they propose fictional or documentary stories with a diffuse geography celebrating the power of the useless against automatic productivity. Using works tainted with melancholy and absurdity, the artist duos produce dissonance and changing perceptions. They question main artistic, cultural and social values. The disuse becomes an act of resistance by dreamers, poets and outsiders. A step to the left in a world of speed. 

Conceived in motion, the exhibition is activated in a performative, discursive or sound way. On November 18th 2017, artists-thinkers, performers and musicians offer an interpretation of a duo, an artist or the notion of disuse.







The expression quart d’heure américain refers firstly to a short period of time, a reversal of the rules of seduction during surprise-parties at the turn of 1960s-70s in France: a brief moment when girls invited boys to share a dance within a codified society. A popular practice soon obsolete in turn despite an apparent progressivism. 

It also refers to the famous quote by Andy Warhol, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” — a programmatic phrase which defines as much the access to this glory as its inevitable end.

Finally, in this moment it can refer to Robert Filliou’s work Danse-poème collectif [Collaborative Dance-Poem] (1962), performed by two people, each spinning a wheel. The activated work generates combinations of poems by the artist, a self-proclaimed “genius without talent” who continues the concept of the Fête Permanente [Permanent Party] and for whom time was a changing and subjective phenomenon. 

“Quart d’heure américain” deals with the phenomenon of disuse as a counterpoint. The term refers to the lapse of use of a word, but also to the sense of a word, thing or social habit which is no longer in use. It describes a feeling, rather than the idea of technical obsolescence. It evokes what has disappeared and what belongs to the past, in contrast to something topical. “Quart d’heure américain” is based on the concept of disuse as a positive notion, a need, an attraction, a contest, and an opposition in relation to art.
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©Steeve Bauras, ADAGP
©Jérémy Benkemoun

Thanks to the ones who made this exhibition possible Aram Abbas, Jeanne Ader, Dan Alcabes, Inès Alez-Martin, Anne-Charlotte Allahoum, Zaloa Alonso, Joël Andrianomearisoa, Caroline Andrieux, Julien Arnaud, Florent Audoye, Martine Avenard, Alex Ayed, Philippe Bartelemy, Marek Bartelik, Loraine Baud, Gerard Bazalgette Odile Bazalgette, Charlotte Bellot, Jérémy Benkemoun, France Besnier, Albine Bessire, Flora Boivin, Juliette Bompoint, Julia Borderie, Alborz Borjian, Cécile Bouffard, Kim Bradford, Julien Brulé, Charles Cadic, Pablo Campos, Corentin Canesson, Julien Charrel, Roland Chenel, Marie Chênel, Marion Chevalier, Martin Chramosta, Bastien Cosson, Pierre Courbarien, Jean-Marc Courbarien, Camille Courbis, Eliane Croce, Esmeralda da Costa, Héloïse de Crozet, Juliette Davis, Nicolas Delage, Francis Delage, Marie Paule Delage, Julien Devaux, Georgia Dickie, Anna Dotigny, Lucie Droga, Raphaëlle Duda Debar, Lucile Dufranc, Antoine Estève, Marie Benoîte Fertin, Arsène Filliatreau, Julien Gaignard, Jérôme Garnier, Julien Gasc, Jérémy Gaulin, Marilou Germain, Roman Gigou, Nirmala Gnanou, Hugo Godart, Emma Guerchon, Diane Guerin, Corentin Hamel, Iris Hermobel, Catherine Hershey, Raphaël Hilarion, Harold Hinsinger, Yvette Georgevitch, Charlie Jeffery, Christian Julien Siroyt, Beatriz Kaysel, Christopher Kelendran Thomas, Charlotte Khouri, Tadeo Kohan, Ivan Krassoievitch, Annika Kuhlmann, Elodie Kuhn, Emile Languepin, Livia Lattanzio, Emma Le Masne, Louis Le Masne, Isabelle Lebertre, Amicie Levalois, Cécilia Lemaire, Pascal Lepage, Patricia Levalois, Sarah Lévénès, Cat Loray, Éliane Lorthiois, Manon Louet, Mora Martínez Basualdo, Sarah McNamara, Enzo Mianès, Johanna Millier, Rodrigue Mouchez, Erik Mucha, Laurent Muzy, Johanna My Nguyen, Christian Nutten, Etienne Perin, Joseph Perrez, Sébastien Pesot, Vincent Peugnet, Celine Peychet, Réjean Peytavin, Louis Pierre-Lacouture, Bertrand Poncet, Aurelien Potier, Circé Poyet, Elsa Pragout, Jean-Louis Queheillard, Jeanne Queheillard, Camilo Restrepo, Anne-Laure Riboulet, Anaïs Rieu, Virginie Ringa, Arnaud Rizo, Dimitri Robert-Rimsky, Théophile Robinne, Marco Rountree, Nathalie Rousselle, Neil Saidi, Dominique Sainte-Marie, Catherine Saladin, Flora Saladin, Jean-Christophe Saladin, Marie Saladin, Thibault Saladin, Régis Saladin, Alois Schild, Joshua Schwebel, Ali Smears, Thomas Solins, Patrice Sour, Ann Stouvenel, Rethi Tank Aline Ternon, Margot Thiry, Eugenie Tilliole, Lucas Tisne, Thu-Van Tran, Virgile Tron, Vincent Tronel, Lara Vallance, Vanda Spengler, Didier Vandewynckele, Florent Vandewynckele, Muriel Vandewynckele, Patrick Vandewynckele, Sylvette Vandewynckele, Alain Vanier, Irene Varano, Sergio Verastegui, Martina-Sofie Wildberger, Simon Zaborsky, Olivier Zeitoun.