Project garden

Arion Place, Brooklyn, 30th April 2016

With {
Performers / Dancers: Talia Guerroudj, Lorena Marin, Aurélien Potier, Alma Saladin and Giorgia Vitali.
Choreographer: Alma Saladin.
Musicians: Philip Ambuel, Juliette Davis, Iftah Kary and Neil Saidi.
Visual artists: Kim Bradford, Jeanne Dekonink, Maria Kofman, Katie Pe Benito and Emilio Reynaldo Martinez Poppe.
Designers: Alice Allenet, Caslon Bevington, Jeanne Dekonink, Sophie Doungouss, Flore Faucheux, Patricia Levalois AKA Cousumalice, Nicholas MacKinnon, Aurélien Potier, Thibault Saladin and Lara Vallance.

Curated by: Juliette Davis, Aurélien Potier, Alma Saladin

PROJECT GARDEN was initiated by Juliette Davis, Aurélien Potier and Alma Saladin. A platform for exchange and collaboration, through a dialogue between visual and performing arts. This edition took place on April 2016, in a garden in Bushwick, Brooklyn, aimed to examine and deconstruct pre-established ideas on fashion, its codes and the fashion world. PROJECT GARDEN brought together dancers around the creation of a fashion show without any collection in relation to jazz musicians playing live, performers, a visual artist for visuals (invitations) of the event, a vegetal designer, fashion designers and artists for a wearable rack.

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