Líneas rouges

A space for dialogue between Cuban artists and French artists.


Some anchor points, across the borders. Submerged by a different references system, an ecosystem which does not look like similar, Líneas rouges is the encounter between Cuban artists and French artists, driven by the desire to create together a space of dialogue, conducive to creativity.

Alongside the byways, the idea is to be anchored in a common temporality and to shape fluid links. The project is a physical and symbolic framework, consisting to establish a model of shared representations. Sharing ideas, sowing seeds then to be bringing together, experimenting, giving an existence. Paris as a first context of production for Cuban and French artists, common brainstorming, to tame each other around the conception of an exhibition. Then, Havana, with the same group of artists but a new creative context, a new exhibition, as the branching of strong ties.

Growing the off-center, going out of our comfort zone with the ambition to build a mesh of subjectivities.

Bringing together visions, each one fed by different dailies, dissimilar universes. The chosen artists have some common aspirations, similar states of mind, but resulting in very different artistic practices in terms of process and medium. A resonant sedimentation going, layer by layer, toward a constellation of shapes and speech.


Arsène Filliatreau (France)
Kim Bradford (France)
Neil Saidi (France)
Serones (Cuba)
Ongoing artist (Cuba)


Martha Alicia (Cuba)
Alma Saladin (France)