La société des formes

CDEX Gallery, Montreal, February 20-24th 2014

With & curated by : Julia Borderie, John Boyle-Singfield, Léa Furnion, Lara Vallance and Aurélie Vandewynckele.

La Société des Formes is a creative entity, one that questions both its contemporary landscape's aesthetics and methods of production

The exhibition borrows established forms and the specific language employed by art education institutions and aims to transform their effects by confronting them with means of communication used by businesses. This back and forth between the academic and the commercial languages questions the aesthetic and intellectual slang present in universities and the resulting social gentrification. The pieces and displays created for the exhibition revisit the tendencies present in the contemporary art world and integrate them within their inner systems. These reappropriations oscillate between the banality of an advertising slogan and the utopian universe of the art school. 

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