ChezKit, Pantin, December 11-13th 2015


With: Isabelle Ferreira, Tarik Kiswanson, Otto Kaan, Bérénice Lefebvre, Maude Maris, Réjean Peytavin, Josué Z. Rauscher, Lucie Riou, Noémie Vulpian, Vincent Voillat, Cyril Zarcone.

Curated by: Elsa Delage & Anaïs Lepage in collaboration with Cyril Zarcone.

Kalos Kagathos dealts with the processing of the material, spatiality and composition. And more widely in distant reference, to a search for balance and harmony as hardware, internal and globally, that can remember the phrase from the ancient Greek "Kalos kagathos" meaning "the beautiful and the good," an ideal of life aesthetic and pragmatic spirit.