heiwata is an international curatorial collective with members based between Mexico City, Paris and Toronto. As a mobile project-space, heiwata conceives exhibitions, events and texts crossing various disciplines.

*heiwata was founded by Elsa Delage, Anaïs Lepage, Alma Saladin, and Aurélie Vandewynckele




Art historian and independent curator based in Paris, Anaïs Lepage combines an institutional and prospective approach of contemporary creation. Her art interests converge around underrepresented aspects of art history, multidisciplinary works, and performative practices.

Elsa Delage

Art historian and independent curator, Elsa Delage lives in Toronto where she works for the Cooper Cole gallery.

Alma Saladin

Alma Saladin is currently working on the fact to deepen her perception of space through a combination of intensive dance practice and research, and ultimately by implementing a choreographed installation.


Aurélie Vandewynckele lives in Mexico City where she works as curator, project manager and translator. She also collaborates with ALMANAQUE gallery.